A bit of the Story


In 2003 or so I had chronic pain condition in the right side of my neck. I knew some wonderful and caring chiropractors that were trying to help me and as time went on, even with their strategic attempts, I realized they were actually doing things that were not in the best interest of my particular case so… I went to massage school. 


I became a master of getting people out of pain. I can reduce inflammation, pain, and all sorts of physical holding rather quickly given I have the time and environment. It is really simple actually after you see it clearly. 


As my proficiency grew I worked myself into health coaching, wellness and life coaching, assisting with an enormous broad reaching impact into people's lives.


This is a very short account of a very long journey and I’ve worked with a ton of people, as I said, from many different backgrounds and needs the world over. I appreciate to share with you a collection of good ideas, understandings and perceptions that are quite practical to everyday life.  


I look forward to so much peace, joy and prosperity in your life and world!


With love, Justin

 We are in life to live, to grow like trees towards the light, to love, and to fill our souls with that which makes the soul beautiful. 


The mission is ease and joy, through ease and joy success, yours, mine, them. Everyone enjoying the fruits of their gifts exemplified in a common goal. That effort will take many forms, perhaps thousands, though let it be for Good for Goodness sake. Let the Light take care of the Light, and may our daily, even hourly choice be that Good.


The vision is beautiful, filled with innocent love, laughing, children playing, music in the air, coupled with sweet aromas of food, flower, and field. The vision is prosperity... in every form. The vision is family. The vision is sound clear wellbeing, and time, and holding hands, and being loved, and loving... deeply.